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Noble’s work with the Internet and new technology is "revolutionary."

-Rebecca Raney

About Our Projects

Innovation is about doing new things.

And best of all, is when these innovations have an impact – when something happens, when it makes a difference.

Our innovative work in the civic sector – politics, media, NGOs, education and government – has had an impact. It has changed things.

We have learned how to develop innovative strategies that blend the best of new technology with cutting edge political and communications techniques to produce astounding results for our clients.

PN+A’s pioneering civic sector innovations and projects have been recognized by US Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and globally by Presidents Nelson Mandela and Toomas Ilves and Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Romano Prodi, George Papandreou, Ingvar Carlsson and Alfred Sant.

Our clients have included the national governments of Australia, Bahrain, Estonia, Malta, United Kingdom, United States and Sweden. And, city governments of Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Issy Molineux-Paris and Stockholm.

Nelson Mandela
President of South Africa

"A real break through... a bold idea... an important part of this

new world."

Greg Dyke
Director of BBC
"The most important interactive political initiative in the history
of the BBC."
Tony Blair 
UK Prime Minister
"The digital age will give birth to new forms of democracy... this is an
important step in this new process."
Romano Prodi 
President of the European

"A major milestone, the most complex, sophisticated and important e-democracy project in

the history of Europe."

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